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History of Brittany – The Breton point of view

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History of Brittany

History of Brittany – The Breton point of view

Brittany is too small to close one self up in it. This is why many Bretons are sailors, adventurers, wanderings spririts
Today we travel around the earth to get what the peninsula does not put in our cradle: world langages, a range of philosophies, scientific knowledge and artistic expessions, the spices for our food, the chips for our computers.
Our Breton identities are world mosaics. But the central and necessary part of it is our link with the people who lived here.
Among them were kings, druids and saints. On this Land’s End, which draws Europe towards the open sea, also rose silent conspirators, wild rebels, enchanting poets and musicians, entrepreneurs. Now it’s our turn. A nation is a collective adventure.
This small book is a book of history from the prehistory toward 2015. It puts historical documentation in perspective with geography, culture, and an international environment.

At the end of the book, you will find appendices with explanations about
– the Breton language
-the Breton national anthem
-the ermine, symbol of Brittany and the coat of arms
-the motto
-the Breton flag
-the patron saints

Jean-Pierre Le Mat is an agricultural engineer, entrepreneur in new technologies, and historian.

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