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  • Lá-Lugh

Lá Lugh – album de musique irlandaise

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Lá Lugh

Lá Lugh – album de musique irlandaise

Un cd remarquable !

Gerry O’Connor, fiddle player with Skylark, and Eithne Ni Uallachain, a beautiful singer and flute player, join forces to present a collection of music and song from their native South Ulster.

1) Song & Reel: Fair Molly Hollywood – The Destitution
2) Hornpipes: Sterling Tom – Tommy Bhetty’s
3) Song: One Morning in May
4) Jigs: The Wedding Jig – Aunt Lizzie’s
5) Song: I Enlisted with a Sergeant
6) Waltz: The Shetland Bus
7) Reels: The Donnellan Set
8) Song: The Road to Clady
9) March,Highland & Reels: The Mummer’s March – Bog an Lochan – Rosebuds in Summer – Launching the Boat
10) Song: Draw Near My Wayward Darling
1) Song: On Brigid’s Eve
12) Jigs: The Boy in his Pants – Big John’s Jig
13) Song: The Emigrant’s Farewell
14) Reels: The Drogheda Lassies – The Donegal Traveller – Lisa Ornstein’s

La Lugh

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