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Oirialla featuring: Gerry Fiddle O’Connor, Nuala Kenny on flute, Martin Quinn on accordion and Breton guitarist Gilles LeBigot. With strong influences from Scotland and Europe, Oriel music has developed as an eclectic mix of rhythms and melodies with strong poetical lyrics to the regional songs.

The rich musical tradition of Oriel (north Louth, south Armagh and east Monaghan) may not have garnered the attention of other regional styles, but on Oirialla it shines with a finesse that befits its long bardic heritage. The album features a newly minted foursome in fiddler Gerry O’Connor; his former Lá Lugh compadre, Breton guitarist Gilles le Bigot; flute player and singer Nuala Kennedy; and accordion player Martin QuinnOirialla quietly celebrates the bare-naked delicacy of its Scots-influenced repertoire, richly interwoven with more contemporary tunes and songs. Kennedy’s voice is an unfettered, lilting delight, and their inventive interpretation of Chicago fiddler Liz Carroll’s Mrs Carroll’s Strathspey revels in the boundless energy that courses through their tune book. A fine-boned, tantalising collection that unfurls itself at a delightfully leisurely pace.


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